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Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Past week, I’ve been in the mood for a good tapioca pudding. This mango Tapioca pudding is one of my favorite desserts while growing up; this is so yummy being served cold. One of the comfort foods that

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Copycat PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

PF Chang Lettuce Wrap Recipe – I have so many wonderful memories of favorite foods of the past, which I hate to revive. You may wonder why that is, and the answer is simple. Most of these foods aren’t

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Super Easy, Dulce De Leche Made in a Slow Cooker

If you’ve ever sampled the rich creamy caramel-like sauce dulce de leche, you probably think it takes long hours to make and a great deal of knowledge. It’s glorious and tastes like a bit of

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Stir Fried Lo Shu Fun — Fried Rice Pin Noodles

You’re going to love this dish. It doesn’t matter whether your only brush with Asian food is Ramen noodles and the occasional stir fry at your favorite restaurant or you grew up with traditional

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Roasted Porchetta Egg Sandwich

After cooking the porchetta, it was time to start enjoying the leftovers. And this porchetta egg sandwich is perfect for breakfast or even lunch. So, give your roasted porchetta a boost of flavor by adding

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3 Cup Chicken Recipe

This 3 cup chicken (三杯鸡) is one of the most classic Taiwanese recipes that I used to love. The name itself comes from the three key ingredients: the rice wine, roasted sesame oil and dark soy sauce,

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