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Some people recommend getting all the creamer out of its original container and then transferring the liquid creamer in a larger container that allows more room when the liquid expands.
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How to Freeze Liquid Coffee Creamer (How to)

Learn the two effective techniques in freezing your liquid coffee creamer to extend their shelf life.
Prep Time5 mins
Freezing time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 5 mins
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  • ice cube tray


  • 1 liquid coffee creamer (32 oz)
  • 2 ice cube trays


  • Pour your creamer carefully into your ice cube trays. Be sure you have all the ice cube trays you need before you begin.
  • Place the filled trays in your freezer. Wait for two to three hours to make sure your creamer freezes properly.
  • Remove the frozen creamer cubes and place them in resealable bags. Make sure to squeeze all the air inside before you seal the bags. Doing so will prolong the shelf life of your creamer cubes even more. You can use a marker to label the bags with their storage dates.
  • When you’re ready to have some coffee, take a frozen creamer cube from your freezer. One cube is suitable for a cup of coffee. If you don’t want the cold cube to affect your hot coffee, melt the creamer cube first before adding it to your coffee