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Cup Noodles have become a firm favorite with people of all ages, especially young people and college/university students.
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Prepare the cup noodles the right way (How to)

Enjoying Cup of noodles as an occasional treat won’t do anybody any harm; in fact, if anything, the weight in between heightens the anticipation.
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Asian
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Option #1 Making Packaged Ramen

    STEP #1 Take the noodles out of the packaging

    • Option one is to bash the noodles while still inside the sealed bag to break them into small shards that you can easily eat with a spoon.
    • Option two is to leave them in their block form and heat the whole thing. The choice is yours.

    STEP #2 Place Noodles in Microwave-Safe Dish

    • Place the noodles into a microwave-safe dish and pour in enough water to immerse.
    • Dependent on the size of the bowl or container you use and how much broth you prefer to have in the finished dish, you will require from one to two cups of water.
    • So you don’t get any “splatter” while microwaving, you should either put the lid loosely in place if using a lidded container, or if not, cover with a piece of paper kitchen towel. The noodles may float in the water (especially if they’ve been broken up), but that is not a problem. They will still cook just fine.
    • Some sorts of plastic and Styrofoam containers are considered contentious. Due to ongoing concerns about BPA and other toxic substances being leached into food products when coming into direct contact with packaging, microwaving can exacerbate.

    STEP #3 Microwave for about 3 to 4 minutes

    • Put the bowl and its contents into your microwave. Depending on its power rating, heat for between three and four minutes. The exact cooking time may vary as each microwave works differently.
    • Halfway through the cooking time, give the noodles a quick stir with a fork. If you left them in brick form, this is also the time to break them up by pressing down with the fork and agitating them. If you prefer to leave them in brick form, flip them over at the halfway cooking stage to ensure even cooking.

    STEP #4 Leave the noodles to sit for 3 minutes after the microwave stops

    • If you will take the container out of the microwave immediately after your microwave pings, wear oven gloves. The container could be quite hot.

    STEP #5 Mix in the flavor packet

    • It is now a good time to add the flavoring while the liquid is good and hot. Whatever you do, please don’t eat them straight away. You will risk burning your mouth, something with which many ramen lovers will be only too familiar.