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You could do so with an egg that's had its shell peeled off, although you still need to take care not to heat for too long.
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Can you reboil eggs (How to)

Do you know whether or not it is safe to re-boil eggs if they've been previously parboiled? How about putting eggs in the microwave?
Prep Time1 min
Active Time2 mins
Total Time3 mins
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  • Take a medium or large bowl and put the egg or eggs into it. Boil some water in your kettle or coffee maker, then carefully pour it onto the eggs inside the bowl.
  • Once the eggs are completely immersed in the water, place a lid over the top of the bowl. Leave for a short while until the water’s temperature has cooled a little.
  • After a while, take off the lid and inspect the eggs.
  • Test one egg. If the yolk is still too runny and not to your taste, leave the rest in hot water for another one or two minutes.
  • If all you want to do is warming a pre-cooked egg, it only needs to soak in hot water for about one minute.
  • When done to your satisfaction, remove the eggs from the water with a tablespoon, place them onto the working surface on a sheet of paper kitchen towel, and gently pat dry.


what happens when you re-boil eggs?

When you re-boil eggs, a couple of things happen.
  • Firstly, the eggs will become harder and will be thoroughly cooked through.
  • Secondly, the shell softens.
Once you have re-boiled the eggs, if you are not going to eat them straight away, you should store them in your fridge.
They will be okay for up to one week. Any longer and they start to turn bad.
To tell whether they are still safe to eat or not, you can subject them to the water test. Place them into a bowl of water, which is at room temperature.
Any floaters have gone off and need discarding. Any that don’t float are still safe to eat.