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If you're trying sprouts for the first time, or you've brought them in and don't know how to grow bean sprouts in a jar, then this article is designed perfectly for you.
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Grow Mung Bean Sprouts in a Jar (how to)

Learn how to grow mung bean sprouts in a jar. First, prepare the materials needed, like a sprouting jar that filters the water and the beans.


  • sprouting jar
  • double strainer


  • mung beans


Wash and sort the beans

  • Clean and take out any damaged beans or foreign objects. Rinse and wash thoroughly several times until the water turns clear.

Put beans in the jar and fill with water

  • Put 2 tbsp of Alfalfa seeds in a jar of 3 cups volume are sufficient. Mung beans and other beans shouldn’t take up more than one-quarter of the container.
  • Fill the glass container with clean, cool water. Then soak for 2 hours or until they expand slightly and the skins fall off.


  • After two hours of soaking, drain the water and fill it with fresh water.
  • Cover the container with a drainable cap (or place a cheesecloth and secure it with a rubber band)
  • Let it soak for between 8 and 12 hours at room temperature.

Rinse and Drain

  • Drain the water through the cap. Rinse it with clean water and drain it again.
  • Lay the jar sideways or set it upside down in a slant on the grid or cooling wire, releasing the remaining water through the opening in the container.
  • Then place the jar far from direct sunlight. Set this in a shady area, like inside a cupboard or cabinet underneath the sink.

Rinse and repeat the process

  • It is always important to rinse and drain the beans with fresh water at least twice every day to prevent bacteria from growing. If the beans appear to be drying completely, you can rinse them four times daily.
  • Mung beans and lentils show the most prolific growth in my experience. They start germinating within a day or two of the initial soak. Continue to do this until the sprouts get to the length you prefer.
  • The entire process can take anywhere between 2-5 days; the sprouting process is almost finished by now.