Easy Homemade Brownie Bowl Ice Cream Sundae

Brownie Bowl Ice Cream Sundae

I am an ice cream fanatic. I love all types of ice cream, particularly one very expensive and sinfully delicious brand, no matter what the flavor. Just serving it makes the evening seem like a special day.

I found a way to make it a true celebration, regardless of the flavor of ice cream I use. Even the vanilla ice cream can be an event when I add it to a brownie bowl to make a sundae.

I like “The Tonight Dough” that has swirls of peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate chip dough, the favorite flavor of my family varies from cheesecake to chocolate chip mint.

Brownie Bowl Ice Cream Sundae - The only thing better than your favorite ice cream is the same ice cream served in a delicious edible brownie bowl or cup

Let’s face it, no matter what type of ice cream you buy, serving it in the brownie bowls topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and if you’d like whipped cream and nuts, will make it better.

brownie bowls
You can make your own special brownie recipe for this treat or even use a box mix. I have a recipe passed down by my aunt which is delectably rich and easy to make.

In fact, when you consider all the steps of a box mix, I’d say it’s just about the same when it comes to time spent in the kitchen and ease of making.

The only convenience I notice is that I don’t have to gather nearly as many ingredients for the box mixes. The key here is not in what you use to make the brownies but in the process, you use once they’re baked.

brownie bowls
brownie bowls

You bake your brownies in muffin tins that you’ve sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking, filling each tin almost two-thirds to the top.

Bake them as you normally would and while they’re baking, spray the OUTSIDE BOTTOM of another tin. I emphasize that so anyone who rushes through recipes, reading them as they go, as I sometimes do, doesn’t spray the inside of the second tin.

When the brownies are done, remove them from the oven and immediately push the second tin on top of the brownies, creating a bowl.

Allow the brownies to cool with the two together. The rest is simple. Add a scoop of ice cream in each brownie bowl chocolate sauce, a cherry if you’d like and sprinkles for a festive look.

brownie bowls

brownie bowls

Easy Homemade Brownie Bowl Sundaes

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Recipe by: Calleigh | TheForkBite.com
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Mouth watering, chocolate overload and feel good sensations..nothing can beat this brownie bowl sundae

brownie bowls


  1. Ice cream
  2. Ghirardelli brownie mix (or your favorite brownie mix)
  3. 2 muffin tins
  4. Cooking spray
  5. Chocolate sauce
  6. Sprinkles


  1. Follow the directions for your favorite brownie recipe to make the batter.
  2. Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray and add brownie batter to each cup until they're about two-thirds full.
  3. Place in the oven and bake, following your brownie recipe's directions.
  4. In the meantime, spray the bottom half of your second muffin tin with cooking spray.
  5. Once the brownies are baked, remove from the oven and immediately press the second muffin tin into the brownies.
  6. Keep both tins pressed together until the brownies are cool.
  7. Add a scoop of ice cream and top with chocolate sauce and sprinkles for the finishing touch!


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3 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Brownie Bowl Ice Cream Sundae”

  1. Never thought this bowl idea for dessert. Oh boy! I love, love the brownies with ice cream… I like the fact that you can be creative by adding fruits instead. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  2. Love the brownie bowl idea, using it this weekend for a birthday party. My only complaint is about you site as with many others…….the ads on the sides cover info you have written. It’s frustrating, but probably a necessity to keep sites and blogs going. thanks for your ideas!

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